Home Inspection Engineers was established to render to prospective buyers of “re-sale”, new homes, and other real estate properties, an independent, unbiased professional engineer’s report on the structural, mechanical, and electrical features of the home or building.

“Our written report is delivered promptly to clients
and consists of a number of pages of commentary on
every major feature of the property.”

Who We Are

Stuart F. Rosenbaum, P.E., owner operator of Home Inspection Engineers possesses both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Engineering. He holds P.E. licenses in NJ, PA, DE, NY, and MD. Established in 1982, Home Inspection Engineers provides a wide range of engineering services.

Other Services

  • Inspect multi-family apartments, industrial buildings, and commercial properties, where the general condition and required repairs are important factors in the final decision to purchase.
  • Make on-site inspections during construction, the verify conformity with plans, specifications, and good building practices. Inspection of damages and reports for insurance claims.
  • Consulting engineering services to the home owner, apartment house buyer, and the commercial property investor.

Inspection Report

A written report is issued upon completion of the inspection. The report is prepared from a 300-plus item checklist. The following are among items covered in the report:

    • Drainage around the Building and Basement Water Conditions.
    • Conditions of Foundation, Columns, Beams, and Floor Joist.
    • The Heating and Air Conditioning Unit.
    • Ventilation of Attic and Crawl Spaces.
    • Insulation.
    • Evidence of Damage from Wood Infesting Insects (e.g. termites, carpenter ants, etc.) or Dry Rot.
    • Conditions of Ceilings, Walls, and Floors.
    • The Electrical System and Capabilities.
    • Condition of Doors, Windows, Hardware.
    • Roofs, Gutters, and Downspouts.
    • Storm Sash and Screens
    • Condition of Paint and Exterior Caulking.
    • Plumbing Facilities
    • Chimneys
    • Garage and Driveways.

View a Sample Inspection Report:

Two Story Home   |   Commercial Building


Are Inspectors All the Same?

No! Some are well qualified. Some are not. You should be aware of some of the differences.

Some inspectors have little or no prior training or experience. Others have been general contractors or licensed tradesmen. Several professional and trade associations have been formed and some have developed voluntary standards of practice. Unfortunately, there is little or no policing of the compliance. Some associations also “certify” inspectors based on minimal qualifications and training. The P.E. (Professional Engineer) designation is the only one regulated by state governments to assure proper education, training, and experience to serve the public. To obtain a state license to practice professional engineering, an individual must satisfy at least the following requirements:

  1. Four years of college level engineering education.
  2. Four years of professional engineering experience.
  3. Sixteen hours of successful completion of examination, administered by the state board.

By law, in practically all states, a registered professional engineer is the only one who can legally render an opinion on the structural stability of an existing building.

Why a Professional Engineer is Needed?

A professional engineer who is well-versed in all aspects of structural and mechanical components of the building can recognize clues that signal unseen problems.

Because the inspection is normally based only on visible evidence, the inspector must have the best experience available. Interpretation of visible evidence is often the only way to identify hidden problems.